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The best tree floor lamp

Even if your home is all windows, you still need some lighting for the night. Floor lamps are an elegant way of both adding that lighting and a touch of aesthetic spice. Tree floor lamps are a popular choice for the extra lighting they give and for the chance to better direct that light.

The best tree floor lamp is the Brightech Sky Dome Double LED Floor Lamp. It's a classic design so it meshes with any home decor, and the two branches can be twisted to point wherever you like.


What to know before you buy a tree floor lamp

Tree floor lamp types

There are several types of tree floor lamps.

  • Main light with branches: These lamps have a main light at the top of the pole just like any other floor lamp. Then they have one or more branches jutting from the pole with a light on each branch. This type is best for those wanting more light in general with the extra directional lighting being a bonus.
  • Equal branches: These lamps have two or more branches all starting at the top of the pole. The branches may be of equal lengths or some can be longer than others. This type is best for those needing plenty of light and that need that light sent in multiple directions.
  • Center pole with offshoots: These lamps have no main light at the top and have two or more branches jutting out from different points on the pole. These branches tend to be short, so it's best for providing more light to one area with only a little wiggle room in direction. This type is best for those that want more general lighting, but want that light to come with some extra personality.


Most tree floor lamps tend to be 5-6 feet tall, though some can be a little shorter or taller. Height has an impact on function as much as fashion.

  • Function: The taller the lamp the wider the light is disbursed. For more focused light, choose a shorter lamp.
  • Fashion: Fashion is mostly in the eye of the beholder, but one way to go is to consider your ceiling height. The closer or further the top of the tree floor lamp is from the ceiling, the more pronounced the lamp will be.

Tree floor lamp features 


The best tree floor lamps include a set of bulbs to get you started, or at the very least as replacements for the bulbs you already picked out. Some lamps use built-in bulbs rather than replaceable ones.


Tree floor lamps can be controlled by a variety of means.

  • Knobs are the most common. Most tree floor lamps use a knob for each light but some use one knob to control all lights. The knobs may be only off and on, may have three settings or may be a dimmer-type control.
  • Chains are rare on tree floor lamps as pulling down on the lamp is a good way to destabilize it, especially if the branches are haphazardly pointed. You might still find one on the main light if it has one.
  • Foot switches are found on the base of the tree floor lamp, but they're usually reserved for more expensive lamps. Like knobs, they can be off and on, have several settings or be dimmer-like.

Tree floor lamp cost 

They roughly cost as little as $40 or as much as $300-plus. Most cost less than $100 with few costing less than $50. Tree floor lamps above $100 tend to be more artistic or designer-branded.

Tree floor lamp FAQ

Is a tree floor lamp or a table lamp better for a reading nook?

A. A tree floor lamp is better in this case. Table lamps provide less light and they provide it to a smaller area. You need to be seated right next to the lamp and you can't adjust your position without hitting a dark spot. Tree floor lamps provide more light overall, plus most are adjustable so you can direct light toward both sides of your couch or chair.

Can I use smart lights in a tree floor lamp?

A. If the tree floor lamp doesn't use built-in lights, yes. However, some complications come from using smart lights in a tree floor lamp. First, some tree floor lamps have built-in dimmer switches or other features that can interfere with your smart light settings. Secondly, setting up individual smart lights in one lighting device is somewhat challenging. You may need to decide between having each light controllable individually or tying them all together.

Which tree floor lamp should I get?

Best of the best tree floor lamp

Brightech Sky Dome Double LED Floor Lamp: available at Amazon and Home Depot

Our take: This is an excellent lamp for any home.

What we like: The main light is perfect for illuminating your space while the two branch lights can be twisted and turned to add extra lighting where you need it. A set of bright LED bulbs are included. It comes in black, silver and brass.


What we dislike: A few consumers received faulty parts that wouldn't properly assemble; the manufacturer replaced them promptly. The base is narrow; some found it too wobbly.

Best bang for your buck tree floor lamp

Simple Designs Metal Three-Light Tree Floor Lamp: available at Amazon, Home Depot and Macy's

Our take: This is a great budget lamp that adds an element of industrialism to your room.

What we like: Each of the three offshoots can have its direction adjusted and they can be turned off and on independently. Everything is metal for durability except the lamp arms which are plastic for adjustability. It comes in black and brushed nickel.

What we dislike: No lightbulbs are included. A few customers received broken pieces. The lampshade can block most of your bulbs' light; use extra-bright bulbs.

Honorable mention tree floor lamp

Nintiue Dimmable Floor Lamp: available at Amazon


Our take: This is the perfect tree floor lamp for wowing your guests.

What we like: The lampshades are slitted metal domes that let you see the bulb but the bulbs are on a dimmer so you can choose a brightness level that doesn't hurt your eyes. It comes in four colors including gold and brass.

What we dislike: The dimmer switch is awkwardly placed in the middle of the bulbs. A few purchasers had issues with the bulbs' brightness changing on their own.

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