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Big East-Big 12 men’s basketball Battle extended for two more seasons

UConn men’s basketball will have an easier time filling its nonconference schedule over the next two seasons.

The Big East and Big 12 conferences announced a two-year extension to the Big East-Big 12 Battle series on Monday, a scheduling alliance that has been in effect since 2019-20.


The extension will include games between teams in the two conferences during each of the 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons. Because both conferences added schools since the start of the original agreement, the competition will increase from 10 to 11 matchups. Big 12 teams will host six games in 2023-24, while Big East teams will host six in 2024-25.

Matchups will continue to be determined by the two conferences. UConn played at West Virginia last season, and hosted Indiana in 2019. The Huskies lost both games. They’ll host Oklahoma State on Dec. 1 in this season’s game.


Broadcast arrangements for the contests will be determined by the national television rights holder of the home team, which is Fox Sports for the Big East and ESPN for the Big 12.

The Big East won the original version of the Battle in 2019, with its teams going 8-2 against the Big 12, but the conferences tied 3-3 and 5-5 in the past two seasons.

This season’s Big East-Big 12 Battle schedule:

2022 Big 12-Big East Battle Schedule

Nov. 29 Baylor at Marquette

Nov. 30 Providence at TCU

Nov. 30 Georgetown at Texas Tech

Nov. 30 Kansas State at Butler


Dec. 1 Creighton at Texas

Dec. 1 Oklahoma State at UConn

Dec. 1 Seton Hall at Kansas

Dec. 3 Oklahoma at Villanova

Dec. 3 West Virginia at Xavier

Dec. 4 St. John’s at Iowa State