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Grasso’s Garage: Nissan Z is revitalized value

Power, performance, price tag!

Let’s take a step back and recognize value for a second. For $40,000, finding power and sportiness combined is not really realistic. As a realistic person, I find that luxury and power are more important, but obviously that comes with a price tag seriously inflated in today’s market.


In Grasso’s Garage this week, it’s the 2023 Nissan Z. In its 53 years in the making, the Nissan Z is back and is serious this time. Coming in with 400 horsepower and a $39,990 base price tag, the Z is all the sports car craze.

With a twin turbo 3.0-liter engine and 350 lb.-ft. of torque paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission (manual option available) the Z is really a nice sports car in today’s market. Our tester came in a two-tone Seiran Blue Metallic with offsetting black accents, while the interior was a lighter shade of the same.


“Z-ness is exactly what Nissan is about, and exactly what Nissan has been waiting for,” said Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist for Nissan. “The amount of attention and pre-orders that have come in to date, are staggering.” Tamura, a Nissan employee since 1984, clearly understands engineering and what consumers want.

On our test, we really focused on the interior as historically the Z is not a very comfortable sports car. In this class, like the Supra and BMW Z, they are horribly uncomfortable. With feedback from all parties, Nissan expanded the interior cabin, expanded the seats as it recognized the consumer is the main priority. In doing so, this makes the Z the most comfortable and powerful midsize sports car in Grasso’s Garage.

Bose stereo, exposed gauges on top of the dash, an easy-to-use center stack, touchscreen infotainment system are all standard features on our Performance trim level, while the newly designed digital drivers instrument cluster was really techy and a nice sight to see and use.

For the Z, I have always been a fan. I am thrilled to see great power for a great price, while seeing some much-needed upgrades to such an iconic vehicle. Great job Nissan, the Z is a win!

Nissan Z

MSRP: $49,990

As tested: $53,210

MPG: TBD city, TBD highway, 20.8 as tested


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