Enfield to finish work on two schools’ roofs

Enfield — The Enfield Town Council approved a transfer of funds to replace the roofs at Eli Whitney and Hazardville Memorial elementary schools.

The $92,020 in funds are from the town’s grant-funded programs budget


The Eli Whitney roof is 37 years old, Hazardville Memorial’s is 32 years old, with both having had some renovations approximately 18 years ago, according to a study of the town’s buildings’ roofs completed in June of 2021.

The same study showed that the town spends approximately $77,000 per year to fix leaks on failing roofs, not counting damage caused by the leaks, such as interior ceilings, lighting fixtures, and carpets.


Council member Marie Pyznar asked when the projects would be completed.

Town Manager Ellen Zoppo-Sassu said the projects are underway, as well as two driveway replacement projects at Enfield Street and Henry Barnard schools. The roofs are scheduled to be replaced by the beginning of the upcoming school year. The driveways by the primary election set to take place Aug. 9.

“As of now, they are both on schedule, as are the two driveway replacement projects,” Zoppo-Sassu said. “Those [driveways] are scheduled to be ready for the election on Aug. 9, and these [roof] projects shortly thereafter. They are making really great progress.”

Zoppo-Sassu added that the funds are for additional work orders that have come up recently, but that the project should be complete without the need for additional transfers.

Prior to the 2021 study, the two schools were already scheduled and funded. The study proposed a five-year plan, costing $13.6 million with $5 million expected to be reimbursed by the state, to repair the roofs on nine town buildings, including the other elementary schools, the public safety complex, and the Enfield Annex.

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