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Meriden building torn down after roof collapses

A building on Broad Street in Meriden was torn down after a partial roof collapse on Wednesday night, according to Meriden Fire Chief Ken Morgan.

Morgan said there was a report around 6:30 p.m. that the roof of the building at 529 Broad Street had collapsed into the second floor. Morgan said it pushed the two side walls out, putting them in an unstable position.


The building had been vacant for around a decade, Morgan said. It was previously involved in a fatal fire around 12 years ago and was undergoing renovations.

Fire crew evacuated the two buildings on either side of it once the determination was made it likely needed to come down, Morgan said.


Some of the occupants of the adjacent buildings were moved to the fire station two doors down, and others were stationed in a nearby parking lot. One of the apartments was empty and did not need to be evacuated, Morgan said, and no one was injured.

The fire department called in the gas company to shut off the gas. A drone was then used to survey the building, confirming that it needed to be torn down.

Morgan said several people were involved in the decision, including the city manager, building owner and emergency management director.

The building owner contracted a local company to bring it down, Morgan said. The company came in with a machine and took the building down in around an hour and 15 minutes.

Police said the cause of the collapse is yet to be determined and the incident remains under investigation.